Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Smells

06th October 2008

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Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Smells

Comical note cards for dog lovers encourage dog adoptions and raise funds for animal shelters and pet rescue organizations.

[Fredericksburg, VA] - If our best friends could talk, what would they say? Snippets of canine conversations, wit and advice are revealed in newest “Friendship Pack” note card release, "Don’t worry … be Yappy." co-founder and animal activist Viveca Stone-Berry promotes the note cards as fund-raisers for fur friends and fun-raisers for friends. “When was the last time you had something other than junk in your mailbox?” Berry asks. “Our cards make people smile, laugh and call to make a date for coffee, lunch or a hot cocoa pajama chat.”

Fundraising and firing up friendships is just part of the Dog Captions mission. Each card doubles as a human/canine matchmaker to spur adoptions at neighborhood shelters.

“Many of the photos include glimpses of a leg, cheek or a lap that could be anyone’s – yours.” The back of each card directs hearts to paws via extensive shelter database. “I have a friend who owns a pet store just so she can find homes for her cats. I used to think she was a little nuts until I got involved in this project!” Viveca chuckles.

To support The American Humane Association’s “Adopt A Dog Month” Event each “Don’t worry … be Yappy” pack includes a Dog Ownership Health Benefits, Facts & Stats conversation piece.

“Dog lovers live longer, have more friends, are happier and feel better. Just recently, Prevention magazine's anti-aging guide listed “owning a pet” at the top of their list for 'ways to take off 10 years or more -- and look and feel better than ever!' states Stone-Berry. “Whether your significant other doesn’t feel up to the responsibility or is afraid to love again this is the ammunition you need to turn that heart around.”

The humorous canine commentaries are complemented with I-caught-you-in-the-act photographs by Richard Stone, an American Airlines Captain and brother of Stone-Berry. The note cards can be peeked at on Some of the dog-gone-good advice DogCaption Dogs have to share includes:

• “Today is the first day of the first day of your smells.”
• “Bad hair should never ruin a great day.”
• “Look tough ... and never let them smell cookies on your breath.”
• “Whatever it was ...I didn't do it.”

Richard shares Viveca’s mission and loves the assignment. After a week or two in jet streams and hotel rooms he can’t wait to “hang” with Hunter at dog beach “Where dogs run. Dog owners walk. Carefully.”

The note card packs including: “The Barker’s Dozen Deluxe Friendship Pack,” and “Don’t worry … be Yappy” Pack, can be purchased through

For additional information, including how to sell these products to raise funds for your pet rescue group or private organization, contact: Viveca Stone-Berry at (e-mail) or via phone at: 540-207-1889.

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