Happiness Happens Month Celebration & Fundraiser

12th August 2009
Contact: Viveca Stone-Berry
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DogCaptions Cards Gives ‘Em Something To Be Happy About ― All The Way To The Bank
New Online Affiliate Fundraiser Program To Benefit Animal Rescue

FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia – August 12, 2009 – In celebration of “Happiness Happens Month,” August 2009, DogCaptions founders Richard Stone and Viveca Stone-Berry are announcing the launch of DogCaptionsCards.com, an internet-based affiliate fundraising program to benefit animal rescue and shelter organizations. DogCaptionsCards are 5”x7” note cards featuring man’s best friend offering snippets of sage advice, comfort, encouragement and cheer.

• “Today is the first day of the rest of your smells."
• “Bad hair should never ruin a great day.”
• “Look tough…and never let them smell cookies on
your breath.”
• “Hold on tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!”
• “Psst. You just stepped in poop.”

According to the results of a 20-year research study led by James H. Fowler and Nicholas A. Christakis, happiness is contagious. “DogCaptions Cards aim to help the sender and receiver “catch happiness” and pass it on to our best friends in need,” states Stone-Berry. “It is no joke that funds are low. With or without a recession, money is always tight in the animal rescue world. These sales add up and will up an organization’s coffer.”

Rescues, businesses and individuals are welcome to register at: http://DogCaptionsCards.com.
The DogCaptions Cards Affiliate Fundraising program pays a 25% commission. Card pack pricing ranges from $4.99 for the “Don’t worry…be Yappy” Mini-Pack to $9.99 for “Happiness Happens Yippee” Pack and $19.95 for the deluxe “Barker’s Dozen Friendship Pack.”

Vital & Fun Dog Captions Card Facts:
• No animals were hurt during the photography for this project although many were given treats which may have caused minor, temporary weight gain.
• Hunter, Richard Stone’s dog, is featured in multiple photos, due more to accidental placement than to a photogenic appearance. And she works for cookies.
• Every DogCaption fur-friend wears a collar with an identification tag, including indoor cats. “A lost pet is no laughing matter. Tragically, without proper ID, 90% of lost pets never make it back home” states Stone-Berry.
• Each card acts as an “ambassador” to promote pet adoptions. The back of every card suggests volunteer opportunities and provides information on locating neighborhood shelters.
• Every card pack includes a “goodie.” The Happiness Happens Month promotion goodie is a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” Dog/Cat/Friend Tag. This offer is provided by LuckyPet.com to help customers “keep track of their happiness.”
• Immediate customer satisfaction. Upon completion of the internet sale, the customer receives a thank-you email with links to the “Funniest Dog Pack on the Net,” The “Amazing Health Benefits of Pets, Friendship and Laughter,” and a “Friendship Card Log” for making a list of friends and reasons to send them a piece of “fun-mail.” They’re even linked to the post office to buy stamps!

“Happiness Happens Month” is founded by Ms. Pamela Gail Johnson, author, Don’t Even Think of Raining On My Parade and founder of The Secret Society of Happy People at www.soph.com.

Ms. Johnson’s motto is “If you’re happy and you know it … tell somebody!”

– END –

Contact Information:
To obtain additional information about this topic, or schedule an interview with the founders of DogCaptions.com, contact Viveca Stone-Berry at 540.207.1889 or via email at dogcaptions@gmail.com.

High resolution images of the Dog Captions Cards are available upon request. To view and select images, go to: http://www.dogcaptions.com and click on the “Gallery of Cards.”